for everyone entering high school this year, 

please do not slack off your freshman year. they will tell you “freshman and sophomore year don’t count” but it counts so much. do a lot of extracurricular activities. play a sport. join theater. get involved with your school. go to dances, proms, talent shows, etc. be yourself. don’t get wrapped up in useless drama. don’t make the mistakes i made. i’m forced to go community college for 2 years bc i didn’t do shit in high school. 

i’ve already went through the 4 years of a bad american high school education system - don’t overwhelm yourself. 

why was panem created in a place one known as north america?


about two years ago, while learning about ancient rome at school, i think i finally realized what disaster happened to have panem created “in the ruins of a place once known as north america” and i thought id share here! if i have any inaccuracies please tell me because this is just going off memory. thanks!

i’ll try to highlight the important stuff only but just keep one thing in mind while reading: “history repeats itself”

  • in ancient rome, they held a huge event called the games in an arena  (the hunger games in an arena)
  • in these games, slaves known as gladiators fought to the death. (the citizens of panem are basically slaves to the capitol)
  • there were different types of these gladiators, one of which carried  a spear and net as weapons. (finnick odair, anyone?)
  • if a gladiator got popular enough, the emperor might’ve given him freedom instead of continuing to fight. (just like the victor of the hunger games)
  • if a gladiator was about to be killed by his opponent or was injured and surrendered, the winning man would look to the emperor. he would either signal to kill the man or spare him and was influenced by the cheers and boos of the audience. (kind of like the gamemakers  controlling the elements in the arena and doing what Snow wants)
  • these games were created to keep the people distracted and not focus on rebelling. (the hunger games were created after the people rebelled as a reminder not to do it again)
  • people were given free bread and wine at these games (they were trying to give the people what they wanted. i suppose the capitol citizens were given the drama and gore they wanted just not so much the districts.)
  • the games were also known as “panem et circenses” meaning “bread and circuses”. (yep, panem means bread. oh, the irony)

now here’s the good part. 

the world had a version of the games in the past, in ancient rome and the world had a version of the games in the future, in panem. so considering “history repeats itself” i think its pretty obvious what happened to north america.

i believe that in suzanne collins’ world, something caused the people to become angry and rebel but things didnt go quite as planned and the entire area was destroyed. or at least something along those lines.

so there you have it! the truth behind the rising of panem!

here’s a few more fun facts:

  • every capitol citizen is named after a person from roman history or from rome
  • some district citizens, like cato and brutus, have roman names as well
  • the colosseum is actually named the flavian amphitheater because it was commissioned by a man named flavius, which means gold. flavius is the name of one of katniss’ prep team members
  • cinna is a character in shakespeare’s play julius caesar. he is murdered by a mob in the play.

i could talk all day but ill stop here. i hope you understood and liked this little post!