This is my old hair and new hair, ya I dyed it and I want to show you guys what I did ok. (this includes pictures of me.) 

SO OKAY I have dyed my hair so much that I basically know what hair color my hair looks good with. I’m naturally lightish brown but I have dyed my hair blonde, brown, chocolate brown, ash, auburn, black. Since I always went dark. I tried going blonde just a little. With all the colors in my hair it was pretty hard and my roots basically was the only thing that came out perfect. yes I am in my bathroom/washroom because it has like 8 lights in a row in front of the mirror and its NIGHT here so the lighting is crap in other rooms ok.

This is my ~before~ picture you can see all of my colors. dont ask about the dent on my forehead, I was born with it. ok.

and this is MY NEW HAAAIRRR (i decided to do one picture of like my face and one without it im sorry thAT IM UGLY)

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