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So in appreciation of reaching 10K and christmas on its way, I’ve decided to do a follow forever! First of all i’d like to thank all of my followers for always being there for me and showing me support and sending me sweet messages. I’m thankful for you all everyday and i literally have no idea where i’d be without you. I love you all so much and I hope you’re all happy c: Secondly i’d like to thank all the wonderful blogs I follow! You make my dash a blast everyday and i can’t thank you enough for that~

Here are a few of my very close friends that i’ve come to have on here. I’d just like to say I love and care for you all very much:

Madi - Madison (or bbq, i actually havent called you that in 5eva) you’re one of the first people i ever talked to on here. When we first started talking i was in shock because your blog was so fab and i just couldnt believe you were talking to me ; v ; I love you so much and i can’t wait until i graduate so then i can see you xx You’re like a sister to me and i will always be here for you. You’re my lil shit ;3

Howie - Howie~ You’re one of the nicest guys i’ve ever met. You’re like a big brother to me and i’m so happy to have you in my life. You always seem to cheer me up when i’m down and i can’t thank you enough for that. I love you ; v ;

Carson - CARSONIA! I’m so glad to have met you. You are literally my best friend(even if you dont think im your best friend) in the whole world and i have no idea where i’d be without you. I love and care for you so much it hurts. You’re so beautiful and talented and i wish i was more like you/looked like you because damn girl you fine ;3 Anyways, I so happy that i met you and i actually have no idea why we didnt start talking sooner considering everyone was trying to push us to talk to each other in school! I love you and I hope you’re happy <3

We don’t talk much but when we do it makes me so happy and you all just have a special place in my heart (and basically if you talk/reply to me/my post i fangirl and die)

Sophie - Jackie - Bria - Natalie - Rin - Mani Lauren - Chelsea

And here are just some of the other flawless blogs that i follow and that i adore! You all make my dash worthwhile, i love you all so much ; v ; (also if i forgot someone i’m sorry! and if you’re not on the follow forever i’m sorry also but it doesnt mean your blog isn’t fab! <3)

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ahh thank you!! :D <3333

So this has been a long time coming and I don’t really know why I haven’t made one before, but I’ve finally got around to it. My very first follow forever! I really want to thank everyone I follow, even if you aren’t on this list, because all of you really make my dash wonderful and it wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

With that said, here are some of the blogs I’ve sold my soul to!

I have some friends on here that I want to specially recognize, cause they’re just great all around. They include Sophie, Katie, Bia, Annie, Eve, ErinJulia, Jenn and Anna. And even though I don’t talk to Julia (different Julia) all the time, I definitely consider her my friend. I’ve literally been following her since the beginning of this blog. Thank you guys so much!

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In celebration of reaching 1,000 followers, my one-year anniversary of joining tumblr and my upcoming birthday, here is my first follow forever! I love you guys all to pieces! Thanks so much for all your inspiration and support and for putting up with me. You're all flawless and I'd bang any one of you. {hover over your url for a message} 

people that i can derp around and be myself with (aka my friends);

people that i cry about because perfection;

people that i dream of being friends with (u bitches will love me when i'm famous);

if i inadvertently missed anyone, it doesn't mean i don't love you more than myself. thanks so much to all of you for making me a better person every day! (✿◠‿◠)


First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you for still following me even though I’ve changed my URL a billion times, thank you for lighting up my dashboard, thank you for messaging me once in a while. Some of you are my friends, some I stalk and there are others that I follow since ever so by now it would be a crime to unfollow or not include them in this thing… Well basically what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate all of you. I love coming here not only because you are fantastic but also because you get me and we are a family somehow. I hope you have a merry christmas and a wonderful new year full of joy and tears (bc fandoms!!!), I love you all.
P.S: don’t forget to check my blogroll, I couldn’t put everyone here but this is also for YOU.


Ok, this is my christmas edition, follow forever! I felt it was crucial that I made one because I’m so thankful to a huge amount of lovely people on here. Every name I have put on here has a reason why, so if you would care to know the correct reason, please don’t hesitate to ask!.


A: additcted-to-hutch |  Alymarie08 | Acid - Outsiders | acciothehungergames / amercianidiotinlondon | aboutjoshutcherson | areyouserial |  a-cciosugarcube | all-things-hutcherson |

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I know there is a fair few people I have missed, but this itself took me about 2-3 hours to complete. I want to mention my followers and just thank you so much for doing what you do. Reading my stories, talking to me or just simply enjoying my edits. I am very appreciative over every individual on my blog. 

In return I offer my gratitude and help to any of you guys who need it. I’m a friend to you all : )

Happy Christmas.xo


Happy (Early) Holidays! I thought it would be fun to update my ff like everyone else. My last one was smaller than my previous one and this one will probably be even smaller than that. Enjoy! Please ignore the horrible graphic. 

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there are a lot of people on here who are absolutely wonderful and make my dash an awesome place to be, so i made a giant list dedicated to them ((i’m probably forgetting a lot of people i’m sorry!!))

i love each and every one of you very much also merry christmas and happy holidays!!!

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Thank you guys for being perfect, and never changing. You are all wonderful and amazing and I have had such a great year on here. Thanks to Marva for making this beautiful graphic. I suggest everyone follows these blogs, for you will never forget it.

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